Melo Miles – Pro-Active Notes

Check search box for the dozens of tracks released recently. They are all rough cuts as I’m amassing my personal fortune and Empire. Doing that means I work long hours and fit art in my schedule as I wait for the place where I earn my money opens.

So far, I have two main Mixed Tapes I’ve released “Scarface Scenes Vol. 1 Scenes 1-5” and “Blue Shoe”.

I’m working on Napoleon’s Ill Child right now which will hopefully be done by Bastille Day, which is July 14th, 2021.

I’m also working on a compilation of freestyles called “Rap Sheets”, and Mixed Tapes “Scarface Scenes” 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, and 31-35. Of course, me being me, I have another series of mixed tapes I’m working on called “Feds, Phonetics, and Silence” Volumes 1-7.

Melo Miles – Napoleon’s Ill Child (Rough Cut, So Far)


Song 1 “Napoleon’s Ill Child”

Song 2 “Ariel”

Song 3 “Watts Eskimo”

Song 4 “Venice Beach Bungalow, Wake up Show”

Remaining Tracks in the Works:

“My First Queenzzz Bridge”

“Early Life of Napoleon’s Ill Child”

“Ruler of France Boulevard” (Only French Verses)

“Napoleon’s Ill Child Exiled on Saint Helena”

“Personality of an Ill Child” (Only French Verses)

“Reforms on Lakeside”