Acrid-Virus-3020 (Part 2 of 4)

The Meezo spent the next month observing their new adversaries.  They walked around dazed by this sleepy civilization and the sensitive, social creatures that hid in their huts.  The only time the earthlings showed any emotion was when the orange earthling thing came on the rectangular objects that showed flashing pictures of the earthlings and their favorite things.

The Meezo recognized the following scene: “Mary, Mary!  You don’t understand the ramifications of this virus!”  “Listen to me, Mary!”  “You are not paying attention to me!”  “The Meezo watched this man squirm at the smaller better smelling earthling with a soft voice.  The Meezo watched the earthlings sitting around not emoting to the other earthling with a soft voice.  The Meezo watched the earthlings around them and whenever the orange earthling came on the box, one of the other earthlings tried to emote and was shut down in a pathetic show of solidarity.  The Meezo looked around at their new country because these earthlings are mushy weak.

The Meezo rattled the box and the earthlings squirmed.  They got into a circle and seemed alert, present – frightened by the sudden noise.  The earthlings threw away their little gadget boxes – five earthlings in a room and they seemed to be emoting instructions. 

“It’s time!  It’s time, MARY!”  “He has found us!”  By “He”, the earthling was talking about the orange earthling thing that the husband never liked or trusted.  “He” was the bringer of all evil, of all destruction to some people while also being the bringer of justice and reason to many others.  Either way, the earthlings reacted to his image on the box – whether it be good or bad emotions. 

Whether the earthlings loved “He” or hated “He”, the earthlings didn’t do much with their time in the huts until “He” showed up on the box.  Those inspired by “He” marched at the site of their leader – their heads were help up high – “He” spoke it like it was, even if he changed his mind every day – that was the way it became after his multiple conflicting statements.  You have to get it, to get it. 

But the other earthlings frothed at the mouth whenever “He“ was ever mentioned!  Every problem in the world was either caused by “He” or in some way made worst by this orange politician earthling.  The hut-dwellers were ready to kill to prove that “He” is false and cowardly.  “He” was the walking personification of evil while also being a bumbling slime idiot.  This did not matter to the Meezo because the only sign of life was sparked by “He” and this frightened the new visitors.

The Meezo rattled the apartment and a few minutes later met their first earthlings in real time.  They were greeted with a black object from their grippers – a very sleek and intricate piece of machinery.  The earthling pointed right at the purple Eminem thing which made the Meezo feel oddly very special.  That moment the Meezo felt unbearable pain for the first time.  The thing exploded in the earthling’s little grippers.  It had the most menacing and piercing feeling met with a loud pop that was louder than any emoting that the earthlings ever made.  The parasite flew out of the black object at an alarming speed – like a comet!  The bug was spit out of what Mary called a “glock” and the Meezo discovered an endless pain and a quick death caused by a pathetic, zombie thing previously stuck on the couch object for hours.

The Meezo retreated to the Hollywood sign where they grieved the loss of their own.  They had an elaborate ritual for their loved one – the first Meezo felled by the earth-bound residents.  The earthling emitted a parasite that the Meezo had never seen before – it blasted like a fire erupted from their grippers.  The war was just beginning.

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