Acrid-Virus-3020 (Part 3 of 4)

The Meezo and humans fought for control of the land.  A month into the war, it looked like the Meezo would surely conquer the over-matched earthlings already weakened by the acrid virus.  There were furtive moments where the Meezo sagged from an onslaught of earthling weaponry, but the early signs were that the planet Earth would turn over to the Meezo and what remained of the people would become slaves.

       All it took was a sudden glance to the unsuspecting Meezo fleet that turned the fortunes over to the human side.  For some time, the earth-bound did not know exactly what they were facing – the goofy little eminem beings were like no other beast that the humans have ever conquered.  These aliens were not shielded from human weaponry – they just were keen on dodging these attacks.  The Meezo were able to move in and out of the Earth’s atmosphere which the earthlings were not adept at doing.

       The squalid conditions of war drove these new adversaries to the brink of their respective civilizations.  The stars never felt closer than this moment of cosmic infighting – the pressure to fold, the doddering of chaos exploded from sea to sea.  The acrid-virus spread in the meanwhile – the efforts of the most intelligent of beings could not prevail against a virus during these bellicose times.

        The Meezo were incapable of feeling and empathy as they had no concept of cruelty.  Their conquest starts with solar hegemony.  The moment that they can shutter the operations of the sun and manipulate the sun like their own tool meant that any foe in their way were quickly crushed.  The stringy little funny things fought valiantly because they were able to comprehend in real-time the nature of their enemy no matter how mind-bending and foreign these aliens were.  The earthlings used their knowledge, pressed together with various forms of communication the nature of this new beast and they lived with the undying belief that they will always make it through any storm.  They never entered a battle without destiny on their side no matter how terrifying that force would be.

       At first, the brave few who fought on the front lines were easily wiped out by the magical Meezo army.  With time, a new army from the many geographies trained together with a new repertoire of weaponry so that the Meezo were not as menacing as they once were.  It was just a matter of time that a sure defeat was met instead with the springs of hope bent towards victory.

       END PART 3 OF 4

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