Acrid-Virus-3020 (Part 4 of 4)

The Meezo found out that the earthlings were a formidable foe when they worked together regardless of differences.  They found that earthlings had thousands of variations – some were light, some were dark, some were soft, some were hardened, some prayed one way, some prayed another way, some made one kind of sound when they emoted, others made other kinds of sounds when they emoted.  When the earthlings left their tiny huts with the small gadget boxes glued to their emotive centers that earthlings called heads, they could build the most beautiful, cleanest and safest of societies.

The Meezo marveled at how divided the earth-bound were before their war.  The solidarity that the earth-bound found in warfare destroyed their hopes of snatching up another planet and Meezo being Meezo following a simple pattern: control the planet, fight among themselves and destroy the planet, uniting to discover other planets.  The Meezo had magical powers to travel the infinite galaxies and control any planet that they found.  They just haven’t figured out what the earth-bound have figured out thousands of years ago – the planet is filled with creatures and mother nature itself can be unforgiving but after people looked past their tiny tribes, they found commonalities in their experience, thrived and co-existed together as a species.  The Meezo were a warring alien race.  They bounded together to conquer planets and then they killed each other off.  The earth-bound did not have this modus operandi – they fought but really, they just wanted to hang out on the couch things and not really do anything – peacefully, to themselves.

The Meezo finally had enough – their plan was very simple: Take planet, kill and enslave the inhabitants, and fight each other off until the planet was destroyed so they can find a new heroic mission to colonize another planet.  The earth-bound were only capable of living in one planet so ultimately, they came together to defend said planet.  While the humans had wars like the Meezo, they always struggled for and were motivated by finding peaceful solutions to ensure that their future generations can love and enjoy the one planet that they can inhabit.

The peace treaty between the humans and the Meezo was a monumental moment to be celebrated for many generations of earth-bounds.  The only communication between the warring species to that point was the universal language of war.  At this point, they explored another universal language – peace, rebuilding the planet, co-existing, coming to an understanding that war was not sustainable.  This concept was hard for the Meezo to understand – they could inhabit any planet, while the earth-bound could only inhabit the one.  It was not worth the Meezo to fight so hard for one measly planet. 

The peace treaty was signed on July 14th, 3027.  The Meezo helped re-establish order to the civilizations that they were destroying, rebuilding the Eifel Towers and Las Vegas and after the humans accepted the work, the Meezo took off, landed on Neptune and subsequently destroyed that planet.


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