Broadway and W. 8th Street (2007)

Audience-pleaser; Broadway and tweeters/

everlasting chase/ moving fast like haste/ switch and bait/

love to hate/ with weight and daytons/

got no luck like lottos but filas and dealers/ no sons and daughters/ just gray/

when I sleep I hit hay/ can’t sleep till day/ can’t wait to taste today/

Broadway and made for each other like case/ is the murder they gave/

so I race to 8th street or make it nay/ told me to hide out till day/ 18 without a bullet but wait/

a silent boy with a rushed gait/ face scarred and hushed but wait/ want to shout out great/

far distances and say/ hate halt make sense it’s mother’s day/ 1998/

and you are late/ since this is my only existence and fate/

hold it together like relate/ can’t stay on Broadway/

so I lace up sneakers and count heart race/

this street will make/ me rot, skip a beat like hopscotch/ and gone/- and long-winded praise/

about my kind gentle face/ frozen like Green Bay/ wait/ take taxi cab out this drab place/

don’t want mama to visit me at grave/ so I escape by a second shaved/ off like gambles/

semi-concentric zones, caught in these shambles/ with a semi-automatic alone/

who’s pointing what where/ doesn’t matter here/ homes are destroyed/ disowned, and dismantled/ while we’re here having hand-to-hand/ combat/

hot box like in shadow,/ awed like scandal/ political leaders with tentacles/ me dummy lit like a candle/ never lost a handle/hand to hand battles/

except for magnum/rip through body parts/ our children die in these streets/for stats and charts/ not their sons/and parks/

if it will be okay/ I’ll land them pull over and crazy/ show/ and I promise you this I know/

most will cheer/ and shake fist with dare/ I try like death wish/ scared of red like black list/

that there is just this gangsta shit/ they’ll say with happiness/

but at least there’s a happy ending in this here/

on Broadway and Eights/small play/ like a jist/ 25 to life to wrist/ society never needed to risk/ care or feed the major populace.

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