Alleged Drug Dealing

Busted for alleged drug dealings/officer where are your feelings/Messing with money chasers and dodge chargers/ buy outs and pay outs/security Intel and take out/aiding stake outs with cake clout/cuz/ it’s hard to be nuts with no nuts/just bribes and baby time outs/pimping young girls ran outs/ by tricks and police pips/ and that contributes to law and order for whom skipper?/All of the snitches like Tekashi the worst/that’s the douche bag family killers/ on our block, we call em leva bitches/killing to get a hoe and sandwhiches/ until they turn hoe caught up in every simple game like tic-tac-toe/huero shy, man, he got over 100 hits/like a little white kid called hick/ just plain and simple/from Artesia in the fields with a sickel/ doing licks for kicks with dimples/and you a gorilla now cuz kid/ you got an uzee with extra clips?/on that fbi most wanted stupid criminal list/ please don’t forget Larry Davis from the Bronx when you mix/he took on an army with a lion trip/and a jungle wit/6 officers down he quickened/down the fire escape/ a tale of two cities like Charles Dickens.

Larry Davis/Bronx/Manhunt for seventeen days/you couldn’t even last 2 seconds in an alley on gower and sunset/you skip like your life the only one important/huero shy got 100 quick hits/not bullets/not 100 guns and 100 rounds with loose lips/just straight, plot, set-ups, getaways and running mouth slick/as a contrast, look tekashi that devil talks simple math/get the cash gorilla style and make drama fast/destroy everyone in the process in his path, get cash, laugh and dash/always on some Cinderela boy dance/playing dress-up gangster with make-up and sass/when the baby face sureno stretch is the real gangster/ top 5 wanted dead or alive man/fbi’s most wanted in the land/tekashi crying for likes on Facebook live fam/then society treats him like he’s a genius because he’s satanic/look, this the thing about legends/a legend keeps the block safe not hot/tekashi thinks soft targets and hot spots/wi-fi dead his legend dies/he’s just a teller with nine lives/woke up too late but that’s fine/God has his purpose for all in due time.

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