Scarface Scene 1 ” A Political Prisoner” Verse

There’s nothing you can do to me/flee/centuries/of not being free/good life and revelry/pushing this pen for celebrity/Southern Cali/Got the biggest boats/America with the highest hopes/refugees with high grade dope/me, some dope from the sanitarium/stealing burritos out of the cafeteria/mamma’s got a few dollars/and hysteria/touching home with Motorola/5-G/home videos and ministries/pen is mightier than a kilo/wi-fi/and smoke a bowl/criminals outside the box/shocking/no other way/unlocking the economy/Yankee president/unfriendly/got para-military wearing prada/on the assembly talking/to take free speech away/making peanuts today/while cornering market on prada/ooh la la/pretty Ivanka/talking nonsense except all of the dollars are mine haha/manipulate markets for papa/what the fuck is wrong with this one mang/they won’t stop until every spirit is tamed/every prisoner is slained/every patient is maimed/and that’s the beautiful truth/shoot your shot until it’s moot/worker in textiles/self-driving cars about to make more blue collar jobs futile/but american dreams propelled by internet schemes and things/my father was from the United States/until he made me a bastard with no cake/crying to a pastor with little faith/because the pastor is not talking to me/he’s talking to the converted with blessings/testing is the devil with pitchforks on hand is begging/for a mugger’s soul bullets and kinfolks/disciples with gold spokes/piles of stories and worries/choke the soul/got octopus coming out of my fucking ears/communists that don’t fucking share/big government war on the hopeless and ill-prepared/18 year old giants with love for country and no fear/this 21st century scarface ready to flair up/like a pandemic/clear government informants with direct deposits and good credit/and nowhere/else to hide/to medicate/wide-eyed/dumb/played by the slums/cops and puns/government chum.

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