Huero Clown

Original songs for future project. Working on lyrics. Poem called Huero Clown below.

Huero Clown trips up tongue

Says dumb when lion heart won

Birthing trips of tirades

Angry with side trades

Pensive thinking business girl

Take on the clown’s tears of curls

The always falls in love clown

With birthday girl frowns

Partying up with the fence-less

Always coming around boy

Until he leaves with grown up plans

Laughing at worries of beasts and ogres

On old cold shoulder lake by McClay

The clown doesn’t have the right way

To make moonlights on docks and bays

The princess with golden skin

And smiles that pretzel languish to the day

Hold my old huero clown hands

Under your skin I felt you as one

But troubled waters make the faint

Of heart speak Dodgers in Badlands goofy

Let’s just hang out and drink to today

With Popeye’s crispy crinkly bag

Channels tucked on Triggs with

Shoulders and shrugs, money and hugs

Press me to a corner with a camera hunt

Looking for a tiny sandwich to crunch

Numbers in the back of my notepad

Rad girl princess with birthdays gone

Only would you know this clown still cries

When everyone is laughing at her stories

He hears her laugh when alone nobody sees

Turns of shattered and slaughter

Broken voices and suits in isolation

With missing you and new brand smudgy shoe

Dancing a floppy king of reggaeton

With Phillip’s girl spinning circles

Donuts with trees and tiny hearts and

Careening into the arms of a love

That the clown only deserves when sound

Minds and dreams needing blasts with every

Readiness with any picking up the sad

Trails of soldier boys on Claretta remembering

Fellini cousin knuckle up on stars

To protect the comfort of lovely stuns

But only Bald Bull could pick up the cue

Of the french fry fingers in shams glued

On to the picture of a world he was

Too weak to enter so he laughs the pain

Away with pizza and beer to tame

Princesses on the loose with grey goose

And soldiered hearts to cruise the

Tattered thoughts of huero clown

Spinning the wrong way all the way

And wondering why they smile

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