Maya Archaeology – Notes 1 of 13

The following are some notes that I have uncovered in my personal archives. This will give you knowledge of Latin America from an academic perspective. I am trying to increase content to add readers in this blog game that can be cheapened with sensationalism and other sell-out gimmicks. I have uncovered a lot of my old work from 20-25 years ago and will preserve them in this internet platform. Enjoy:


Cuello (1,000/1,200 BC) –>First settled village located in Maya lowlands.

Maya houses were made from wattle and daub (not much found archaeologically except small imprints of the houses).

Plaza arrangements included placing homes in an open area to promote interactions with community members.

Swasey Pottery, Chert, Flint Art, Obsidian.

Domesticated corn, beans and squash.

Had an egalitarian social system.

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