Scarface Scene 2 “Freedom Town”

Ejection port from Freedom Town to extort/Running round rules and cohorts/bend the rules like contorted/setting up a political barrel/ 100 shots for apparel/on West Adams of apparently/setting up next of kin/for the next political stunt/pinning this on the donkey/banality of family/and sinister enemies/wishing me harm/for-end to arm/took two AR-15s/Waiting for parole board to free/Popeye’s fiends/straw purchasing votes with clout and tokes/free the lost baby/to the sea/Popeye eating up his greens/can’t out-muscle me/mentality/vagrant with muzzle awareness/to a tee/and a tangent/crazy/ is free until crazy is dizzy me/loose marbles and a beauty/pageantry is a beast/fatal Suzy/always choosy/this bad floozy/can’t make up mind/men pick up uzee/this bad boy with that I got you main/you kidding plain/Jane turn glamorous with a only fans and freak fame/criminal ego-size enormous pain/porcelain face princess/chase this pain/away/medication ballads like Amy Winehouse/and only the bullets of the breathless counts/to Dracula/vampire system/pose tactically imposing when Freedom Town/hook/took hold/of fate/faith is in the hands of the hopeless/Rosary Beads/and stands from the Pope/is going to make this scene/last as quick as a fade/to a million days after raid/and I’m in my forty ways/to daze/penciling vowels to express anger/left out of the economy so call me stranger/and how will I fall/will only a few call/but not now got a gee up and floss pop that collar at the mall/ Ross/what a catch/raider store, fuck it call me Randy Moss/hall of famer/with that long form and long toss/delivery/the next boss/soldier boy immigrant with a cross/see this internet show of the dead is trying to spin out undertow/with a dossier/break the bank/pull it off/submerged thoughts of living free/a free life means pursuing every American Dream/the thought that never dies/brought Scarface to the prize/mansion home/dancing with the devil getting boned/with perfect eye contact and enemy’s name on cell phone/Baja California sweet morning/no passport/no forms/beautiful Ring Girls/UFC/WWE/Telling me/ worlds of perfume/satin sweet/ lovely/and action/making a million queens out of a dead king/for the attorney’s satisfaction/ or is it an imprisoned boss man turned/king/shorty with a team/Troy never seen 18 Street defeated/by a missionary code deleted/untold/secrets revealed it/the sanctity of holy Jesus/See/They said nothing good ever came out of Bethlehem/until we found unity/strength/and heaven on our two feet/seven sins/and an i-pad/army bus Miami heat/before Shaq and Big 3.

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