Scarface Scene 3 “A Killing for a Greencard”

To make it right/You have em dirty fights/It takes a special kind of cretin hype/Full of dreams and his own reasons right/Dreams of silky blue satin tight dress/Dancer divinity Lucifer came in success/Got big ambitions of heck/no new Infinity on flex/A green card murder intelligently a pawn sir/ponder/Precursor to a life well heeled by a heel/In Florida baby teal/embrace the mic for a big meal/Them wheels and starlets with tender kisses and slinky dresses/Sunset deals no stress this/logic in messes/squealing wheels donuts and deals impresses/nonetheless this/babe, look at how my dough stunts/Hoes, fronts, grants, shucks deluxe/puny little man with grunts that jump/at the first sign of hunt/worker bee with measly dreams to lump sum/non-stop cream/rising or falling/at the heartbeat of fiends/high number calorie counts/every vote drowns out/ the disenfranchised all they got are PR stunts/corporate slaves for big franchises/broke with peanuts, and smiles/crucified with Bic Macs, french fries and lies/freedom is only for some with lawyers and punches/most mommas are punch less/mayor man councils with dunces/which way the nice accessory go/ is which way public policy go/good guy turns foe/eanie-meanie-miny-moe/shanked in the gut/(shhhh) lil’ moe/posies and clothes/got a pocketful of dough/these/apocryphal villains/see/that’s the knock on me/Fictive and missives/landing on every misgivings/junking the elementary/play games like scary/with penitentiary meat/pittances/chances and death wishes/the new math is the old math shit heat, gun powder divisive physicists/making money for big boss gimmicks and tricks /make a profit off the invisible they be like fuck their loss/human cost of business is flesh/invisible/with cries, shouts of indivisible hence/I see how they do Ras Kass for speaking against atrocity/of the latest falling society/the best ever get silenced for not dancing devilish tap dances/”deli sh”/Scarface against the system with immigrant wits/incredible hulk society in fits/giving out green-cards for political favors and glitz/farcical caddie Daddy gadfly president with Sunkist tan/45 only fans/can’t ban the music that created your fans/ban and burn books for land/Scarface got this green-card killing for sunshine, chump money and tans.

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