Scarface Scene 4 “The Good Life”

Havana sunsets/sums and sets/model like Sophia Leone with fishnets/on your arm like no sweat/reality is in depth with money/got to wait out the loneliness and empty tummy/impatience/getting paid and claimed/police prep raid/waiting to shoot/trades/get in where I fit in like she cute/too short with loot/toot in nose to new boots/alligator tears and wears/gorilla with a new suit and cheers/might be the dish washer with army roots and no fears/two Rolexes and Tonka for the kids back home to share/getting Havana princesses with Rap money/only fan dummies/put food in the ovens or something/damn man “look at the way he dresses – that’s style, flash, pizzazz” – Rap millionaires got all that jazz/a lot of work, simple math/those that don’t sometimes blast/Rosarita Beach slow dance/ladies in the pool flashing/mob wives back home moving money and casting/went from pushing dirty dishes/to lipstick from misses/minimum wage to final word, 12-Gage biz/tool/dead man don’t drool/envy fools with death wish/chainsaw reaction the little one on the totem pole is spit/but don’t always get hit first/they hit quickest/hardest make a name like Lucky Luciano did Dewey/American dream, kiss, kiss/my rap dreams never die miss/underground rapper to looking clever no diss/talking to Jimmy Fallon late night like whatever hits/been hooked on phonics since tether ball and hop scotch skips/till I can refurbish Death Row records for the street sly slick and wicked/cuz I told my momma I wouldn’t cry/told my hood I would never die/stared Al Capone’s apparition when I was five/he looked me in my immigrant eyes/the prize in between your ears the biggest money maker french fry/ghost stories/scarface hunger and a master of my faith/ain’t nuthin but a g thang took too many babies off the swing/from crumb cakes to chronic intake and gold chains/the good life blue lake persuasion/Pinney Street invasion/staying faded/counting rap money at the taqueria que rico money moves complicated/what if Scarface could’ve just made it/ to to the crack epidemic/and a child is born blameless/in the world that is sadist/ filled with party players and dope fiends/racist politicos and American pipe dreams.

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