When you Were Sleeping (Poem written in June, 2002)

I fell forward and laughed

So sickly devoted to her

Her lines played language on a

Quieting place, on a lullaby face

Yellow cloth aroused elegant shape

To folded arms – I want to be mind in you

counting the thoughts inside

Coloring you dreams –

so comfortable laughing

With your rhythmic laughs and sway

Just too much for me, too much for today

The tilted head imagines the word,

World and an entity lost in grains of sand

Look how this tiny moment we have together

Just look this moment alive and free

How peaceful lovely you are

Taking in breath with your time –

The very element of you.

So in the moment with the moment you are in

But in this same room I jot my mind struck still

Sold on the same mood

Grooved to the weary waxy moon

The weary waxy earth consumed

With eleven years hoping for quiet time with you

Lost in a rapturous moment forever

Lasting every day in a second

Languid, lonely second

That deceives the young obsessed yesterday.

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