Ice Mauve Saves Christmas

The trip down country road

Strip down country toe

Back tooth grey

Belting reds and lips sway

That anger momma know

When she left me twelve

Thinking mauve bulldoze

Death row smoking

Little runt things

Round couch

Go to the touch

Silky sway for that

Old little devil horn

Making maidens hold

Bad boy lies with dribble

And kittles eating the floor slop

Ice with a tiny coupe at chop shop

About five hundred to

Make Gucci belt happy girls

Ice Mauve save Christmas

For a child born trick baby

Ice Mauve the garbage baby

White running around

No home for Christmas

Old and stupid

Counting newspapers to

Learn the smoothest words

Empty dog hold

One day trash baby came home

To guard dogs dead and drooling

Poison that is the bad of it

Trying to love when he only hates

Terror at the claw of his gut

And chewing his throat whole

Ice Mauve the garbage trick baby

Sends the sweetie with a basket

Fall short money get your head clocked

Sweetie on the clock making pizza money

For ashy kneed and knocked

Head clocked for a quarter

How do you stop that ticking

Tick ice pick in man

Ice Mauve know bottom girl Fall

Nineteen with no goals

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