Melo Miles, New Mixed Tape in Works “Ticking Time Bomb A… Rap”

Five song EP
All you are going to rhyme about is what is wrong with you and turn into dope rap
If it get buzz turn into full-length

Song 1 Child’s Work Play
Song 2 No Country for Slow Poke
Song 3 Runaway Runt
Song 4 Mind Infection
Song 5 Sepulveda Strip Throat

3 Verses CER – Claim – Evidence – Reasoning
Song 1 Child’s Work Play
Verse 1
When the rush comes the slumps come that little boy want to run on and get gone donuts on Baghdad like bombs over syria stare shock and awe shares the war on the untouchables cracked no cheese like no lunchables baby boy running my emotions they get the best of me eating Gilbert grape squawking jokes like Gilbert Godfrey but this whole time I was just picking at this mind guitar to dole out ice picks for picket fences and Thanksgiving because when that child works I turn joker like thrown out the deck and the Runaway train goes straight jacket player with no preference but solitude and this child’s play is a clown serving billions on the Boulevard mentally scarred men with the self-esteem of Chuckie’s victims on Tuesday testing me any time I feel tested in the kitchen fighting with minutes of sleep restless porcelain princess next to me vexed wants the man that she never knew left.
Verse 2
So how you kill chuckie when you get funky fly forward like a flee dodging the wrath of a society chasing me and you pay your bills and taxes until get the strap fuck it an axe let’s find a money tree and crack him in the head fly off the deep end shit the atlas of course the compass within never knew direction took an army of nightmares on the street to check me but when that child works he breaks the bank giving Cinderella playing concerned everything but so it stings less when baby doll shake that head yes what’s wrong my man is down chuckie all over town acting like the war don’t take no prisoners and especially no jeers chuckie don’t like to be laughed at serious like slam that into a vein lay low don’t care if God takes this Joker home to a place that never wanted his bones fallen likened to dominoes and nobody knows the restless porcelain princess next to me wants the man that she never knew right.

Verse 3
It’s like this with no rhyme or reason Disney world crashes killer look and for cash this little boy chuckie from LA, Chicago, shit the Yonkers, goes bonkers and makes the whole place duck strike back sick what they say stuck on a mental elevator with loose morals marbles and dates, the calendar girl on his mind but when chuckie time comes it’s what’s wrong nothing fronting going after that punk put him in a trunk and dump dump but what’s what that fool you’re chasing is just that fool you left and the real monsters the past with momma working three jobs and daddy working too family feud but the bullets in the hood don’t speak news they better be mutes not talking heads they’re chalked bodies and never knew nothing or else the chuckie get smart like James bond on that never say never knew again and so I step, shit that chuckie please grumpy boy and the restless porcelain princess next to me wants the man she never knew straight up.

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