Ice Mauve Drinks to the THC, Toasts and Duckworth in a Grand Canyon Cadillac

Ice in the moment mink coat coughing

Picking up her puny self worth on powder

Powder up girl, toast to the people

Riding with that icey bear

Sunset strip slinky quiet talk sink

Making money all night to feed

The future Biden is elected today

Ice Mauve smacks hand on Exodus

The work on the back brain Becky brain

Tiny little cannon ball energy dreams

THC high Duckworth and lungs

Strung out giants home TV on

Frozen little dinner cold

Rat on floor spread out mangled marvel

She screams the day into life

Now let us get back to being family

And making money trick and pocus

Hold this hocus magic in eyes

Wallet slip into hands not me fiends

Amistad Park with a silk shirt shining

She sees the past but the present

Only adds the slightest of hopes

Glamour housewife thoughts

In the Irvine silky braun on couch

No one about to strangle banks

Out of her hands

Ice Mauve cold rain Beaumont run

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