Melo Miles, Song 2 for Ticking Time Bomb A.. Rap, Work in Progress

No Country for Slow Poke
HookNo country for slow poke/so buy an island you slow folks/hate on women they move 10 ways/while you stuck in space/get that money slow poke/keep it low so your haters don’t know/smarts and gold/grown folks talk lay by waterfall/gas tanks full.

Verse 1
Slow pokes keep that money keep them hungry no country for a berber Iberian mixed nuts so who needs fronts 30 year of stunts got them ladies thinking waterfalls elegant musk gentlemen pacoima knights on that astronaut high blunt tour force and make pie zoom zips like Porsche of course my station position lifestyles like a horse but them Sadies want someone do chores but so it goes you snore you got gored to the floor scrambling for more got that butterfly making you sly all shy dry eye you got more shine don’t whine cuz your rival ready to wine, dine break bank, friend get hot gone like the wind, keep you hurt, jealous, you die g’s like alpo infamous clocking millions by 24 rat out but not many know he a Cassanova with bodies for goofy toot in nose girls laced up and hood videos switching up for clothes and he killed off the man she claim that’s the streets dame but so why everyone want pie taste you take they mind you get position so what next that chess nah get they heart you get future peace for slow pokes with no country.
Verse 2
Since tomorrow not known never promised so but happy lucky then sorrow I burned out donuts to the streets with grinds and gears like total loss jeeps where I was from there is no comparison raised in a mirror with sin immigrants no insurances again except where you from blast back a tisket a tasket some basket case with a passion for mayhem who is this man going to be 12 years old dickies and pendleton no money to spend look at all these children fed like Daniel in the lion’s den king von gone Podcaster profit off the jungle again slow poke she didn’t want me when I was around and then I climbed my way out the old man’s game I owe you my youth and now I know not roots thrown in another bet thrown to the alley get swamped in another game lame brained resting with calm pop up those invegas they got my future in flames like Webster got the sunshine on lock for the claimed blast back bumping bumpkins blazed back in the back braking in a buick outback murda mall sling shot go east bound like old gateway slip with country folks for fried egg yolk coffee small talk peaceful for a slow poke country junction diner patron.

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