A Letter to the Boss that Broke Me

Dear Ali,

You were my boss that took me from wide-eyed and eager to accomplished and trained. For that I thank you – but with that I write with the bleakest anger in my core stomach. You worked me to exhaustion and threw me away like a little nothing – I vow to make you pay dearly for that callous act in the business you trained me to do.

I was never your play thing! I worked hours that only the moon and sun could know, and now to dear life I hold with a mind and heart like a shattered glass. To dear life I hold on so sadly and dearly. But I will cling to the good times of watching the communities around me grow and prosper even as you laughed at my feeblest attempts to speak my mind at my desparation point. To God, I retreat for my health, to restore sanity, to strive for peace and rest. However, I was not the problem you casted me as and, you will see, only a fool would have done what you did.



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