Scarface Scene 5 “A New Job” (Final Song for Melo Miles Mixed Tape Scarface Scenes 1-5 in the Works)

Little Havana and a cross happens dish washer suds on the hands callous end of index finger handle a machine gun, yes! up the stairs, hands in the air God’s share to make that money, power, respect appear – on the end of cares whereabouts sincere on the end of the deal I got something for you little wheel up the ladder a new job I retired not all the way wired right hot to trot with the fire crimson red on the news Atlantic to your latest two sense I rub together two cents to make the heat go tense shots in the dark no less down for mine serious what’s the going rate on boat floating hope, notes and numbers in hat bourbons and lacs stick back fear and temerity eyes on prosperity like master P ice cream man the driver he’s so silent, passenger talking numbers, push your luck, nice summers jet skies, dancing frivolity in two piece suit anything you want not on the swing except scheme ready to sing that’s that as long as the beast got law and order to greet on the other side of human is meat that other side of the tracks drink and hiding the american dream to make it to 60 without cirrhosis only the victor holds this state in hands pay to play any way money stays in trunk you see pushing your luck what’s on the other side of this deal looking after my investments gets real up those stairs you go make the deal with the children of a lesser god gold chains paws on your fate like junk yard dogs making deals with fiends eyes sick on wallets like leather face to chain saw.

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