Ice Mauve on Garfield Park Dancing Tummy Aches with Nevada Pizza Money

This art of tongue is tastebud cold

Touch your toes and wilderness curls

Pretty skincare what else you need?

Garfield Park is the place that feed

Mazes of sleepless Holt colts and sleek

Back black hair looking at the dodging night

I’m sleepy king with trillions of your cares

Money stares slapped up by Terry lakeside

Trips to sandwich shop skincare nice

Let me tell you these tales Mermaid money

Frozen in your man’s arms and tears

Strangled and stomached for gross and nets

Daddy don’t wire my clothes to spears

Ice Mauve with ugly dumb plays

Dripping brand new watch none yours

Find some one else to jeer hair money

For the beer runs and uncle’s tums

But leaves Nevada on my brain taking pizza

Laughs cold and coughing dodging

Drivers in maze maids apartment clutter

Gangsters outside yelling blood strays

Watching stains get washed off Garfield Park

On every moment sugar full that don’t take

Diamond spit get your lassie ticked off sallow

But Ice Mauve washing his apple just shallow

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