All of these Days on Broadway (Freestyle on November 15th, 2013)

All of these days to

Dream about Broadway

And living in big daze

Welcome to the show

Broadway pull over the fool’s over she rushed in to Sunset and La Brea she fears facts like her belly getting bigger and she got hit big bottle of red liquor – she’s quicker like a photo flash photos of her chances dashed and dreams patched over she’s giving him cold shoulder cold duck time she wants to make it in Hollywood beach canyon having her name in tabloids but Polaroids the voids in her heart is filled religiously with pitter patter of little feet she dreams of holding heat on two bare feet sliding poles to meat to concrete it’s getting involved the world seems to revolve around her purse and dissolves into yelps cries she ask why is the way to your heart nobody home at start something amiss and I would be remiss the dangers on Broadway with two fists.

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