Blues Monster (Melo Miles song June, 2016).


Blues Taking

This Talk

Externalitized chalk

Hop scotch

With gauze and flaws

Blue Monster

Verse 1:

I ain’t holding up I ain’t holding it down I ain’t holding towns crowns titles and pounds just a scarred puppy in this weird ass zoo with no soul and no clue unglued fumed and doomed looking for the ruins without code, cred or crew no clutch sports jumper or two piece suits much ado about noting you it’s nice you exist i guess but you’re ignoring this mess I’m in but that’s alright right that blues monster fight, fright and flight like cops on the spot…

Repeat chorus

Verse 2

I don’t have any clue what these fools do or would do no code for few blues monsters be the rules to many industrial and rural zoos crawling and drinking, falling mauling me to pieces but I must hold on with thesis look up to Jesus but rent’s due no iou’s licks and chain links are 24/7, always going on, and a constant in hood math is those fools happy to gank you hate is like drive thrues 24/7 happy hunting looking for clues or something new because my closest ones are just a few and the fuss is frenetic, rest in peace Fred Hampton stepping in an empty crypt federal bureau is ballistics wait what suggests this do you do what I do have next big mess to push in the margins to prison zoo, no jump shot pits leeching off bloodletters please Jesus accept this skinny sinner with little faith left but money slips…

Verse 3

Life without mystery is impossible all my homeis are gangsters alive and out of prison so what the ef that means but self-fulfilling prophecies life needs mysteries like Scooby-Doo do or die lost causes claws and cradles the lost it takes why do I let so many people hurt me easy my self-esteem died at three no one home but the sirens are glaring tires are screeching and san fer still at war with pacas feuds all over the middle of this nice quiet park drink and sweet drunk talk I can talk to Salma Hayak now but she don’t deal with street creatures…

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