Found deep within my Personal Library, the first track I Put Down with INL Crew, Coachella Valley, October 5th, 1996 16 Years Old

Instead 1/Well-equiped with verbal fluids/To leave you in ruins/Using vocab/Flowing like liquids/Releasing rhymes like ink from squid/so shut your lid/and check my dialect/direct and energy/with animation/brought forth by my imagination/through emancipation/of thoughts kept from common conversation/poetic formation/like the fat boy I’m crushing competition/inhabitant of the underground nation/where the shadows/are the meadows/I dwell/To excel and compel/stomping toys, made by Matel/smash em then propel/and let the verbal take flight/mightier than Mighty Thor might/Blowing up this mic device/so call doctor for advice/or hide/then pray to your shrine/material that you idolize/grand until you run out of supplies/

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