Loyalty Freestyle on Young Chop Beat (Written on June 16th, 2020 3:31 am)

If loyalty is a lifestyle what’s that turncoat doing with money pile floss this disrespect that while music is left senseless brainless on the living dead list we need more brains like a valedictorian if loyalty was more than ya word zombie Dilorians it would be a book no historian when there’s a story to tell there’s a book to sell because a sell-out snitch ain’t doing the ditches moving to the top he’s turning favors wishes and stops with five ohs and witches them flocks leaving the loyal and wise in stitches spellbound on pockets and drills in the still of the night chill the tired fly kites all night fly tina and fly kites popeye in the sky the angel decides divides pies and loyalty is not a word………..it’s a lifestyle.

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