Ice Mauve with a Broken Nail and Ugly Toe for Some Magic to Pay

It doesn’t make sense but it invigorates the senses

Makes back jiggle with past pillow talk tenses

But now curled up in the years of butter tooth

Children begging Ice Mauve for some magic to pay

Let’s just ticket this big old car with new cat nip

She likes it win he is just right and stares his eyes

Two crowd aisles away I want you to but I’m

With the shattered glass mind no tick with time

Five watches Ice Mauve no way to know day

All he has is figure skaters staring in his eyes

Wanting to escape the tower of lonely princess

Beast please give me some Disney boy please

I’m too pretty to be stuck in money magic jail

With mommy and her secrets please wire kites

Ice Mauve is planning his escape from fleece

Blanket fears those how soft will my dreams

Be fears with sink on thickness militant for

Her mister make sure she gets the love she

Deserves she does impatiently polite yes

At the counter begging for remember me cares

Those I’ll feed your army just see me darling

Darlings and Ice Mauves smacks teeth ugly

Jogging with girgling belly from beltline

Puffy eyed and project baby fat around old

Soul finger eyes see and take eyes you don’t

See what I see eyes that only see the beauty

That make-up knowledge can only highlight

Relaxed smiles are Ice Mauve smiles not forced

For manager let me feed an army with minimum

Wage worries that Ice Mauve knows in his turn

Over close and off he goes gasping old pencil legged

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