Slow Lights on Ramsey ( Written June, 2020)

Pyramid tips for ticking time bomb fast money so long my money gone so long your money so long but my cocktail is fast keys to her love language quick like chirp making money with math mind perp tricks like Jay Z NFL pick six pass that Thur. how you go from Marcy projects to Macy’s and check slick slay layaways paid like NFL commissioner mister good Dale good day how? how I get that bag any way when you stand back survived twenty gun battles backwoods therapist fly high wild wild I’m an immigrant child but I can’t land your plane while always doing your work and getting blamed pat me on head, hard worker, falling apart with neurological disorder but I never got good treatment if I’m eating you’re complaining so eat the short end of the stick lead to your mouth oh now you leaving and that gets that hate going with twin tower targets on aim too late to claim but fuck it why not invisible blot don’t you see thot you’re rich I’m not but you don’t own me playmate or mister minister and minister mister from sky valley to the murda alleys of Cudahy make money all day when the NFL sends their scouts away and take their promises to pillow talk bay. To make money you got to run routes starting from one pinney to 20 G’s money good credit get home money making got no degree and get it don’t switch it identity you cuzn you kin you brackin you brave because you hesitate they devastate your senses with endless chores behave trying to keep themselves rich and you whore and put safely away conveniently my hey wire is bleeding arson mind made from holt, sunset to any blade cuz fuck it I’m that cat Figuero amazing Blade grace to make them juices go free get your coffee and spark from Park place to sitting in parked car feel like it’s free that’s that hustler mentality got it get it running money tree tapped into your mentality dial that baby up she opens the door to anything to your conception like Michael and like 50 cent say politely get rich or die trying it’s better than being broke somebody joke and target practice for a drunk cop on overtime at a Radisson paperwork so listen hi go use that common sense child only fans ching ching ladies you got to know what men like and it’s slutty all day men be that manager you got the final say to crucial conflicts everyday running drama from a payphone no dollars collect calls call me- my thugs got thugs, g – went from a bus stop to gas cards with hot spots took my change struck in baby doll’s ears trying to run game for fame and that’s all no more no less game just goosebumps and your dumb lover talk mack hook with lip smack and bad teeth cuff that man with silk sheets and the best food on the block to eat it’s nice to have your own thoughts to think running transit lines with a wink yawn king purple smoke that green thing with more milk chocolate than Hershey bumming for rides nobody knows me atlantic boulevard motels for the faceless Ramsey for the ageless and the sages it’s not fun when your money so long but your life gets shorted by some angered person searching see healing takes time true identity family long like county line on Monday open shorty first in line day in la and that’s fine get some pie and dine late when it feels like that’s right and that feels more than fine the flock always look for consensus but don’t stop this mellow madness like Quincy not keeping up with Jones I got my interscope breath for his home…2 b kontinued

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