From J. Prince, I learned to Set Life Goals…Here are some of Mine

  1. Register engineering consulting firm with State of California. January 2021.
  2. Keep car well-maintenanced and keep for side driving jobs like pizza delivery driver and paper routes. Continuous.
  3. Save money for dream car Nissan 370z Electric Blue. January 2022.
  4. Get 10 employees for engineering consulting company with good training and salary by 2022.
  5. Make DMS blog very profitable and get D. Tabb to be my paid editor position with benefits. December 2022 (26th Blowed Anniversary). Bring in other staff as needed.
  6. Start G. Shaw Music Studios in Indio, California and other adjacent communities. October 2024.
  7. Release seven mixed tapes in two years with OJF and AE. Scarface Scenes 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, and 31-35. 2021-2023.
  8. Keep weight under 220 and have good, healthy habits. Continuous.
  9. Successful marriage and 10-year renewal of vows in 2025 with family and live guests. Best man Rene D. and groomsmen Brince W., Tony M., Jose C., Moe M., Jesus P., Curtis H., Eugene M., Nick D., Ira B., and Hal S.
  10. Help Rachid B. sell a lot of paintings and become very successful and profitable artist. January 2023.
  11. Create restaurant business ventures with Zineb and Chris M. By 2025.

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