More than a stolen moment/a shorted market/it’s five AM/But stuck on a moment/Lil Matt died/Toung-Tied/Told my homei/loved that kid/saw him quick wit/move from bummy/to stunting/but the secret of this society/demonized identities/and he slit his wrists for cheese/but nobody knows/it’s a homicide/and top dog greed/but so I looked/I got that look/nobody home/clown ass white boy/but brown heart not toy/ready to blast/but first need math class/college for those on the run/weighs on me like ton/but to the danger killers/loose on the run/I got more ounce than your bounce/and your cat brung/that girl Crystal/you knew what it do/make imperial courts jump up blue balls for you not your crew/no count population grew/fill up the maternity ward crude/Rest in Peace from Big Joe to Lil Matt grew nuts until the streets snake you/and that is a wrap my dude/much more trap in tune/slap back start feud/and all that so

/Jimmy crack corn/Don’t care/my bones’ cold/slip slap paddy wack/100/I seen you/Cash Money I’m on that too/but I was to blind to follow a few/went for self and 40 is the new sweet 16/with 16 bars and my interscope breath pointing on goldman sachs/118/5/held at large to strive/brand new life/zip up piro/you got got with a hoe/and I’m sliding on Jays with a pimp stroll/the only celebration for me/ open that pack up to treat/your mind is free/lightning blue jewel/the money never made a man real/no steel/no deal/just the heart for your block and family/me, The drama sure south of Bakersfield/up on a limb like harpy/ free spy/Free Car/and Fat Cats.

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