Scar Face Murda Krue – Freestyle 3 of 13

Got to be a way out/no exit/no clout/no income/no doubt/streets don’t get respect/until revelation/cops with your mixed tape/compilation/switch up/hunter’s point/Like Larry June/Floss/Watch for Gold E Locks/she got poison and Zip Locks/a Nation raised/by hell/raising hell/yell but nobody cares/masks on/last songs/trumpets on long/money long ego short/extort/mixed cohorts/showing you what love for the block really like/on Alice in Wonderland/lucky/with the quickest feet/zip/body bag/broke bad/tongue wag/cold heart/mind scar/out to Newport Beach not far/snow white always want me/With new pimps/smoked lately/lady Sadie/RIP Yuri/Long Beach in my brown heart/RIP Judy/Watch over me/Going to take my talents to Miami/Like 23.

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