Scar Face Murda Krue -Freestyles 2 of 13

The militant mind/meets the mutant kind/pick up a nine/no training/Lesser God claimed me/it will be okay/except you’re born with brain decay/in a corner with gang affairs/giants of the midway/black and gold stars on replay/met my twin shadow/but he had 80 percent of his marbles/don’t get startled no/Prozac will get the corner spread/like seeds to the grass steroid fed/Olympics going on in the hood/but that’s the cops and the disturbed/running hell on earth in Chino/drank fights with winos for pino/I’m too pretty for your petty feuds/pretty boy floyd with pets of news/papers one day I might make it/be a writer with deadlines but no/had to climb out of a coma/cuz they calling the cops/and Guantanamo is for brown people so launch/rockets over Baghdad but it’s true/it might be a bullet off of Laurel Canyon from a goofy that do you.

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