Scar Face Murda Krue – Freestyles 4 of 13

Forever 12/not bad baby/went from mall rat/to big cheddar/fleece sweater/I swear/played truth or dare with the 110 freeway/now I’m eating chicken/so stringy/playing chicken with fear/oh there I go/emotional/how emotions go/60 freeway to snow/we we/france/ooh la la/loose lips/empty clips/napoleon like kaufman/break leg like bank/empty tank/quick gank/run out to my Elders/flat tire/too many cameras/film don’t expire/back to government funded criminal retirement/move forward/can’t board a plane/but baby/bad barbie/this is cartel ken/I’m getting paid/pounds, yen/ten ten/got a phone card/mental scar/charred brain/sleep/that’s lame/Little Havana on Brain/Don’t want to be next dead rapper/vladTV/no, slide by/home potato sweet fries/but I’m french fry/continuous revolution on crepe day/always all blue/except redrum rhythm date/with the pen skills of course never late/never liked so what my head strong/about a foot or so/phonetics kill spree/123/go/thought you knew/got more books than you/forever 12/nah 13/bad baby boy/go hard/like Rony Seikaly/tall star/Closed bar.

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