…Coachella Valley Scene from my memory. I know I’m leaving out a lot of talent. I spent my HS years and early-20s in the Valley and the scene was really popping. It continues to be a great place for creatives even if underneath the radar to most consumers. It must be Frank Sinatra and them that put something in the Coachella Valley air but this region is a hotbed for musical talent. I hope to dive into other local scenes which will require some help from my readers eventually. Now, I’m just going through shutdown things which cut me off from my mainstream job in construction management. God always being the master planner, I have been able to enjoy a very fruitful creative period in my life. Art is so different from construction where everything has to be balls on accurate and art can be so fantastical. However, music and architectural type work us very similar and gets a lot of enforphins pumping. I started reading blogs religiously since 2007 and started my own in 2013. I really like the content that Vlad TV provides because he is relentless and provides first source interviews at a breakneck speed. His topics are handled very delicately and he discusses the stories often missed by mainstream infotainment which is run by “if it bleeds, it leads” journalism. While DJ Vlad is a person I admire, and provided commentary, I became unpleased by his handling of deceased rappers as if they were commodities that were simply trashed. I’m sure he would disagree with this and we have exchanged a few words albeit minimal as I am irrelevant to him as God has blessed with more success and acclaim than he has for me in this arena. This in addition with the Black Lives Movement of the last few years, compelled me to show the beautiful and hard workers behind the music and art we consume. That is why I focus on interviews, live shows and behind the scenes videos because it puts the worker and artist process into the limelight instead of the product which is cheapened by exploitative labor markets. This blog is me and my friend who will be featured in the next week or so but my ambition is to make this blog an Amazon for music, art, crafts, videos, shows, podcasts, etc. This us just the beginning of a big thing that hopefully outlast me and protect the sanctity of music, fellowship, community and art for all humanity.

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