Social Psychology Concept about Meaning

Social Psychology is the study of group psychology and why humans do some of the strange things that they do even if those behaviors do not seam to benefit them. For example, why are people always looking at something? Why does it feel strange to go to a huge crowd (think a crowded mall before Covid-19) and to just stand there not moving? It’s very difficult. Try this social experiment: go to a crowd of your family or friends that are Covid-19 free and just stand there still as a board for five minutes. At some point, most humans will look at their phone, or watch, or talk and explain what they are doing in that location.

Meaning in Social Psychology is said to be socially derived. That means that meaning depends on the meaning that it has to the individual perception of the event, person, etc. Social Psychologists like Erving Goffman argue that meaning is not inherent in a “natural state” but is culturally derived and relative from region to region.

If you are interested in learning more about Erving Gauffman and other Social Psychologists, I am sharing his Wikipedia page as follows:

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