…making some morning coffee working on my notes to present the Tekashi case. This content is really recent and sensationalized. An armchair ethnographer like me does not have a clear picture of what happened yet. What we do know is that Tekashi 69 was an unknown Harlem rapper with an underground hit called Gummo. He got a huge fan base and was lauded as a Hip Hop sensation even to the affect of claiming to be the “King of New York” which is a wild and wreckless claim. He also talked Blood business in the mainstream media without having true claims to Compton which is also a no-no. Tekashi 69 is what is known in folklore and anthropology as a trickster. A trickster is a joker, a clown, a misfit. A trickster is usually the hero or villain in many folk tales and later cartoons/Disney stories (which are ancient folk tales created for modern audiences). What is known is that Tekashi 69 willed himself to super star rapper status, let the fame get to his head and ego tripped. He ran with a legitimate Blood set that helped hold him down making sure he kept the money coming in with his antics including disrespecting “O-Block”, disrespecting LA mainstays The Game and YG, and other sensational PR stunts. When the feds busted Tekashi and his crew, he was given several options. One of his options was giving up all of his secrets in order to get less time and putting his enforcers, etc. behind bars for longer stints. So, I will get into this messy world of Tekashi 69.

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