“Blue Shoe, Sherman Way”

Shuffle feet to concrete/blue Cortez/crispy white Tee/tooly tucked tight/into night swing/school to feed fiends/they need Mister blue shoe/rocks in pockets/broken man rocket/golden glove/to knock out/he on the couch/trap house/need to get high/it’s time to call hood super man/thirteen year old with plan/get paid/fuck hoes/blue Cortez on toes/went from Chatecysm/to faceless mechanism/make a few twenties/get your first best friend/a twenty two/pay dues/learn to shave later/MS-13 with Now-and-Laters/get head, hooked, and cause that panic/wake up one day/asking for Jesus to manage later/what is life for a lesser saint/despised soldiers in need/primo had the money, now he dead like it’s a need/no, no/knocked out the wrong fool/got caught/slip shot in the hip/clip stray bullet to Nip/Taking away that ghetto rose/snitches get all the tax money/Jesus please the only way out of this pain that cleaves/God’s wrath would have ended yesterday with Eve/my man Droops/taught me to have faith/do the cross before you leave the main/street we greet each other/laugh/talk shit/move whip with beat/freaks waffling/fiends watching/we are cruising on vacation this evening/ the dope boy/not on duty today/sway to the beat/homei got a primo back seat/stoned/to atone for the sins of our dead/the big homeis put us on instead/now we draining the boulevard with swan songs/Emcee Boulevard/D J Magic Mike/music my only escape from blight/little Casper with no answers/police always asking/you talk boy mumbling head down/my poor eye contact makes me nothing to officer man/but I learned latin at ten/I will right now/grown man with voice/with pocked talk/mind straight/blue shoe/sherman way/five pit bulls/skull full of answers/say nothing and move masters/I own this place/the world is mine/even if defaced/causing panic in traces/ghost Casper from another mother/got to go hard off camera/show the money for the enemies/too damn krazy/on the come up/saw me at subway/palm dominos/dirtville impossible/keeping it humble/knowing the alleys off haddon got my soldiers/tight rope/more nuts/get older/took my McDonald’s pay check/bought a rosary cross/cried myself to sleep lost/stood up all night/krylon cans/too much spray fumes to head/slow, drool to my taste/my teenage queen fucking everyone but me/laying in a corner/just wanting her voice in my ears/she creeping and I’m broken/quiet mumble/but my street credibility screams animal/enemy king/ with a scheme/ pick up dreams/the semester at a junior college/tolse lost his life for the valley on his way to college/ please God/why do you target our innocence/pissed I turned from God/back sliding/no tithing/looking at preacher man with hate/murder at my throat/when is God going to open my path/but stay patient/remember youth class/the narrow path is the righteous path/I get through the day/memories of my homeis make me chuckle and pray/hope that none turn dead or snitch in the zero game hustle/rusty heart please take me away/I’m biting at my own reflection/like spuds mackensie/intensity/staring out mad dog/slip off/think holy things/bankrolling team/midnight blue shoe/sherman way/dance with me girl/five minutes of soft angel/didn’t want me to strangle/your lovely convo/but I’m only out for one thing/talking like I’m Rudolph Valentino/ ghetto star with dreamer prose/a poet and I know it/but painted to the corner/devil nowhere finger play/a lesser PTSD basket case/ready to die like Biggie inate/in the streets it’s always the most despised that turn kings and queens/blue shoe footsteps God carrying me

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