…which is a free format day to write, express myself, express the creativity that is everywhere. This morning, I woke up abruptly and thought about A$AP Yams who died tragically a few years ago but not before architecting and masterminding an incredible crew of musicians and fashionistas. New York City is so fascinating because it is at once grimey and incredibly chic. I’m a very modest dresser: I’m a Ross boy type, Dress Fresh for Less. Walking around Manhattan is like walking on a fashion stage for real. I’m going to put down my final verse for a small project I did waiting for a covid-test. The project is “Blue Shoe”. A lot of my works are abstractions that I use to try to understand my life especially all of the unresolved stuff like when homeboy from my area Insta CFK was murdered in cold blood by a vigilante trolling the streets with Assault Riffles. That devil did community service for murdering a 14 or 15 year old child. I think of Insta because we were the same age, into the same things. There will always be this vigilante subculture that will point to one set of the population they don’t understand and use them as targets for their own murderous, fiendish egos. In any case, I will drop my work in due time while I prep for Christmas, 2020. Rest in Peace A$AP Yams, and Insta 1, happy holidays!!!!!

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