Mercy on Me, Sunrise Kiss before the Hustler’s Earliest Worm on a Foggy Morning, Morena She Rises, Smiling

Touch the middle of my maniac, dull

You want the whole Earth form, full

Stretching and sultry sweet by spins:

Those spins of sinful clock within

Freak flesh look at me undress eyes

The foolish turned idiot idiom wise

Grab my hand descending into you

Plugging your internal skylight anew

Let me explain your pain is a fool game

Worry about how you feel that tames

The biggest genius of generous ledgers

With tiniest plans that God exacts

Where do we fit with angel’s pleasure

Take my tongue with ecstasy pacts

Just want to be your center of world

Your eyes lock mine in rodeo twirl

Skincare get in those pocket squares

No trace in your lipstick revolvers

The world only spins cuning computer

You may be on to something if you

Catch me by my lies catfish fries

She only gave my ego a jolt

But when it’s sweet kisses on Holt

I run a rum with rummy game

Plate on the steering wheel aim

Stroke me a million dollars that

Calms the collar no bat

To our littlest nest necking

Hustler moving quiet nights

It doesn’t matter the mood move

Money you make now magic

Turned no money to real money

Rise and shake the coins in my loins

Always having gold weights with

Sleepy sap on crust lined lies

And tell me pillow talk screams

How could my lover scheme

Into my future worries you look

So good wrapping the hustler around

His whispers, nails on money is

Hardest exercise but teach me

Your little star amongst stars breaking

Giant galaxies touching your hips

When starlit time comes full on lips

Telling counter lady my times

Puzzled rhymes listening to all of you

Escape with me tonight with money

On my jobby dreams and caressing

A high school prom queen that

Another man lost treasure

Now she is loving me with hustler feet

Dream with me with Sizzler steak

Honey hams and your hand held

By the clown’s hateful king: love.

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