Street Psalms: OxyGod

Waking up to excess riot

In twilight night express climate

With thoughts about Hyatt

One thing leads to another diet

And with money you prance and play

Life squandered sweet youth

     Gone in a day

Oxygod with the blade to your tooth

Sweet ride to midnight no clue

Another movie made, Big man rots

Fat officer eating pancakes today

Syrup on his sausage finger ways

Stars at night taste sweet when free

But now it’s patrolling penetentary

Treats on arm memories

It must have felt so sweet

That smell of success has her tweeting for supreme memes

Lambo on deck now on your knees

Victorville you climb out like please

Telling groups your fear, wolves tease

A diagram prepared by systematic deals

For the packs of the discarded to squeal

You never just do your time it feels

On the low ghost films with out reels

Crime rhymes with high climbs

Just how good does it feel? Did it feel?

Pipe dream schemes trailed by federal teams

Chariots with out angel harp strings

Oxygod in a cell with legal teams.

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