9 Valentines – Match Box (#1)

Glove in hand Cinderella charmer

Doves take land under moment starter

Stars, strings undress match box dream

Which way, smallest chatter scheme

Meeting rest of future, checkered table

God felt through your freeing fable

Tell me those little forgotten moments

While my heart burns more, atonement

Hand in hand, small window quarters

Valentine ventures twist curls, corners

Quiet, clamped Disney dream car cable

Early moments of family fun label

Match box check, let’s drink, new team

Building blocks out rubble, steel beams

On top of today, elegant components

Caressing her shoulder blades, potion

Memories of giants, whispering spins

Around the world in a minute of quiet

Transforming mirrors with more wins

Chaotic muse every day is tamed riot

Just hold on to this match box fire

No day can begin without this desire.

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