9 Valentines – Commerce Cold (#2)

As if it always was, with dreams aligned

Going after more, Commerce cold, co-signed

There is going to be a wedding Thai spot

To the night, I blow with the wind

From the cold and depraved turn hot

Commerce Subway is cold, drifty slabs

Stirring drinks free, fancy, hits and dabs

Under the twilight diamonds speak web dreams

Commerce cold deposit money with teams

Rosemead blade that’s part of designed

Making memories apartment corner dried

Touch the limits of beyond to knot

Our two destinies as one united kin

Drop this commerce cold, a warm lot

Some days stray and sway so drab

But got to get Commerce gold grab

To position your value, tips of finger memes

Look at this bond, boulder strong, it gleams

The jewel of 2014, such a fresh day, Commerce cold.

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