My Time – Melo Miles Freestyle

Determined/skip to sermon/no parish/strictly business/no non-sense/hood politics/rich crips/not on my block/talk thick Lakeside cluck/schoolboy wit/drip/grip my only aim/yours or mine/perris/mits/which way you run away/back away/pop bank/like a xany/rain cloud/shrouds of the mystic/gust of glory/no escape/no secrets when your sidekick is your boy’s chick/fast trip/miles to go/route 60/tip top shape/Thousand Oaks putting industry hits/slip away/not today/rush to the head/instead I spit/venom on full clip/above the clouds/you, your crowd/napoleon’s ill child/no weapon/no charge/Indian Avenue/glued to your door/kill like Larry Neumann with vocab on point/hundred dollar joint/feet in jacuzzi/Coronado trip/ship weight/hole in the wall/drink tea/ship wreck mate/check mate king/dug shallow for verbal silencer/quiet when I speak/axe sharp wit/Lakeside hit/jack box hook/thought you were following me/but it was your life I took/sometimes the prey/kill the predator/slow to anger/study streets/too slick for beast/too quick for creed/can’t kill the predecessor/found your place with ancestors/no friends/only enemies/don’t like me swing the pen/with intensity/shank hit/it’s all in the hips/dead rapper/no grip/must of missed/angry can’t really say/lunch break/first take/no ESPN for this verbal bloodsport/short fuse/new rules/writing to trap/exit flat/screen/looking at myself like a fiend/sexy french beast/I guess I was the least now I reached sky high/big feast/sheets with blood/I must have took Godfather’s page/blind rage/represent blue/rag/shag carpet on pad/welcome all my enemies/like King Lil G/101 Freeway/sign of a 90s kids are many including a chosen few/most wouldn’t see a pretty pinney if it wasn’t for Master P/phenomenon/spit news/at the pew/blue collar/starched up with homei’s iron/the little we got we sharing/creases in pants/three flowers in hair/4 hinas out back/on point/she daring/got the police state wondering when/depends/all black hoodie/no aim/enemies claim/exterminated when I was eight/no one to relate/sleep on Pinney Street with blade/my life don’t mean nothing to my neighbor/so I said fuck Mister Rogers and his neighbor/Sinaloa looking at my sister cuz he loves virgins/I take the margins/hold my nuts/ready to stab Vietnam vet in gut/whole block took his daughter/to room and nutted/but some how it’s me he wants to punish/extreme hate inate/we fight back swords and skateboards out back/police come/boxing with my hero/immigrant with gold chains and a gang of pesos/pride riders/all is cool unless they say so/take orders or lights out/it’s fatal/I took my lunch pail and write about killing/took money under table/no one noticed my family is laughed at but no joke/got taller/run these streets like baller/hate all laws so I hate myself because I’m illegal/now I’m ready to talk to God with nothing but feeble words/this tale sleep in fetal positions/no friends/Freddie Krueger/over in the suburbs/here they took our words/farms and the American dreams/redline schemes/realtors with no ski mask/but they robbed my past/liquor store fiend/fast junkie suga free/big Fred just got his first rueger/skip to store/Lev block/knock knock boys/real gang bangers with no stocks/barrels but no bonds/40s but no awa/papa home got the pow pow/not now/who’s that looking out window/not paparazi/it’s joker and bow wow/and some stranger tati/flaco ready to make it snow/justice is slow/when your identity is low pro/real gang bangers fighting for terf/not front cover with Cardi B skirt/eat five dollar Chinese slop/looking for ops by old pay phone/nobody talks so fuck your cell phone/from the clucker up the block/catholic girls take hits too and altar boys get blicks too/I would censor this rap/but this is the childhood I knew/when I’m in a zero sum game/zoo/make the rich man food/no food left but fame/nervous breakdown/manager call me lame/living in ice cream sweet tooth aim/sugar rush gets me to bed/no pain/vicks to chess/sour milk in cereal what’s next/God telling me he carried me/but he buried my flesh/last time I had common sense/was when I huffed paint/and pushed cess/pointing my car at a pedestrian/dangerous with this hatred I bury/burned in the quiet monastery/trying to look good/after I take this pain home/mom/take me home/chrome cloned/getting game from big homei/ten years to give a little Napoleon respect/run up/done up/Candy strip never need to see Chicago in July would have been so sweet.

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