War is Endemic to a Policed State – Freestyle from Melo Miles

You got me in a database/chase paper/immigrant haste/supposed to be 7 11/but I run pearls with game of heaven/so now I’m a marked man/police state got paper fates/complicated/faded/looking for my culture/mashed up stats/with Iraqi bones/whitey the vulture prone/push weight on the populace that buy/oil, quick highs/celebrate/done up/run up/simpleton/VladTv spin/chin checked by a C.O./bragging about riches/got money/dig ditches/wishes of mice and men/God makes the plan/unless you whitey with plan/put anyone that run into their wastelands/whitey got a plan/jails and sin/God don’t exist unless the fascists say so/So I’m quick with temper/like an Afghani with pay load/another white looking for a hero/but they get heroine/tar stuck end this war/not visible to harlots and gore/violent tempo/war is endemic to a police state/I woke up this morning to the devil in me/enemy with this heart/poised with pen from start/but don’t worry they only steal from me/civilization is for DJ Vlad not me/but he don’t want this risky business/eyes on his death sentence

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