Space Badlands

“Hey, partner!  You think you could help me with some change.  I need to catch a bus to Neptune”.  Canary eyes the poor man in a disheveled state asking him for money.  He remembers him too.  He sold him a sack on his way to see his girlfriend.  He knew this man wouldn’t get to Neptune.  Neptune is well-known as a place for the high rollers with Jaguars and Rolls and Benses.  Canary eyed him distrustfully.  He had a couple of ounces of Heroin in the trap doors of his Lincoln.

Canary is working his way up through Earth’s drug trade networks in aim to take over the Pluto Family.  He knew that Neptune had a famous Methadone clinic as well.  The man might be on his way to that clinic.  He might be trying to get off of Heroin but not many can withstand being so physically sick.  

Earth became a large bus station where people did live but ultimately only to chase down their dreams.  Foremost on this wishlist for many was the desire to visit every planet in the Solar System. After the near-apocalypse, every planet in the Solar System became life-sustaining through advanced technological innovation.

Canary took the change from his pocket and relented giving away his change to the man.  “What’s your name by the way?”  The man answered: “My name is Colt”. Colt is an opponent, competition but he knew that everyone is his potential customer and did not get him eliminated.

Canary spread his fingers over the cold steel.  He takes the loaded gun and points toward the crowd menacingly from a long distance away atop his tower.  He shakes his head and pushes the safety back into place putting the gun back into his holster.   He shaked and convulsed and thought about business and the kilo coming from Mars.

Canary pushed the cassette tape back into its slot.   Pluto was the coldest and deadliest place in the Solar System.  To settle Pluto one had to be connected to the Wes Coaster Family or the Pluto Family as it became known as the family became synonymous with the entity in which the organization took hold.  

Mr. Coaster wore long wool coats and had a tattoo of a cat spanning his neck down to his navel.  He had a paunch and massive forearms.  He had a neatly trimmed beard and bald head.  His large features were chiseled and handsome.  The infamous cat tattoo represented the nine lives he took before he stepped in as the boss of the Pluto Family.

 When he took these mens’ lives he also took over their families and married their wives.  There were large celebrations and weddings that would last several days.  It was an honor to marry Mr. Coaster because it meant that one evil was forever put to rest, destroyed and disbanded.  The fact that this evil was absorbed into a larger evil did not matter – it was removed.  What was left were the devilish plots and schemes of a deadly drug lord with a growing family of nine immortalized lives.

Canary had a few brushes with Mr. Coaster while he was running drugs through galaxy.  

Canary met Mr. Coaster in a dingy coffee shop where the lost and lecherous drinked their coffee for nights on end after smoking their Crack Cocaine and shooting up their veins. They swarmed the parking lot.  He would come up on twenty sometimes thirty grand as his customers piled over each other to get Canary’s lovely liquid gold.  He would stuff his valise with money and enjoy his dinner and cup after cup of coffee when he was tired of the wheeling and dealing.

He sat across from Mr. Coaster one fine evening.  Coaster was surrounded by his usual six – his bodyguard who stood about 6’9″, his accountant and Head of Finance, and a roster of the four most beautiful women that ever lived – only three of which were his lovers.  The forth was Flirt Mendoza who was his sometimes rival and equally infamous and powerful.  Mr. Coaster lit his cigar and watched the young man from afar waiting to be torn to pieces one day.

Flirt Mendoza had the whole world fit comfortably in her hand.  She walked with a determined gait but she was so cool and so cruel.  She towered over people with her strident energy.  She walked in rooms and time she changed to her liking as everything would just fall into place for her.  Neither did she use trick or coercionShe never really tried to trick or coercion as everything perfectly mapped out in her brilliant mind.  Her eyes widen and heads roll.

Flirt’s deep smile with two dimples drilled to her cheeks forming at the mere hint of something pleasant.  Her smile was not quick, it was deadly.  She mastered her army like a musical conductor except without a wrinkle to her perfectly pressed clothes.  

Flirt wasn’t happy with order and powerlessness. The world existed so as to agree with her in every way.

Flirt’s perfectly shaped chiseled nails were chiseled and perfectly shaped were a result of her squad of stylists and make-up artists crafting her look at her beck and call.  Before this well-heeled life, Flirt was known as the sad bird.

She used the sky transit system to transport her unique product flooding the solar system.  Her business was built around two pillars: advanced statistical analysis and superb customer service.

She associated with Mr. Wes Coaster who offered her a hand in getting these fine things.  He was an early mentor in her gang days and throughout college.  She drove Mr. Wes Coaster when she was earning her stripes in the Nightingale Street Gang from notorious Florida where she was known as “Sad Bird”.  When the gang became too small for her ambitions she joined up with Mr. Coaster full-time.  She acted as his companion, confidante, and partner.  She wanted him eventually gone of course.

The Coffee Shop was a dank and dingy place where Flirt and Mr. Coaster’s would join in revelry.  Canary swooped in one day like a cosmic fog.

Crashing in circles of discontent and uneasiness was the way of the Canary. His crew was made up of a flock of gnarly and notorious beasts, mutated and rancid. The animals mutated and spliced in labs helped populate cartels with insidious muscle. Their claws and fangs vicious, their minds dull, listless, and controlled by cartel leaders. This biological engineering helped change the game.

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