DM$ Audio Chapter #1 – Reading “Long White Con” Chapter 16 by Iceberg Slim

On DM$, I will be doing a series of Audio Chapters which are a shorter version of Audio Books. I’m an avid reader and like the idea of reading out loud, recording my voice as a way of performance. Long White Con follows the story of White Folks, an Errol Flynn look-a-like born to a white father and black mother. His beloved mother supported her family with sex work as they were abandoned by White Folks’ father. White Folks took to the streets and became a notorious grifter and lady’s man. He becomes a jilted lover when the wealthy woman he falls for finds out his real race and turns on him. In the Long White Con, White Folks teams up with other hustlers like Speedy, Precious, Kid and Tango to track down marks, manipulate and deceive the marks and blow off with their scores.

In this chapter near the end of the novel, the plot culminates with several simultaneous hustles: a chicken stand they hope to sell and share the profits, a fixed boxing match and a counterfeit money scheme. Iceberg Slim has a masterful way with words and psychology at full display in this chapter.

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