Melo Miles – “Blaze Marzette” (Track 1 for Detroit Street, Tent City Vol. 1 Mixed Tape)

Melo Miles “Blaze Marzette” (Written)

Another million or so/joint sold/own plug in fold/can get Blaze another million or so/swole is the way of the muscle/went from cop to prowler/to tussle/with snub nose muzzle/rob homes for her flowers/and cuddles/out for action/with faction/snatching potential/so when rich man get high he CEO material/when poor man get high he’s so inferior/sir/low and behold both strutting with Lucifer/this is how the hustler stroll/lucky stroke/push weight to different folks/with different strokes/one day/direct connect/independence makes Blaze threat/to the Mob vets/pulled apart war vet/turned pusher/with punisher/straight shooter on payroll yet/mixtures of sweet and spice/war hero gets hands in cookie jar/devil’s slice rhubarb/carved is the profits for star/scars/and spars with fate/over the bridge/Detroit with sealed fate. (End verse 1)

“Dwell in Detroit/Where these Streets/Done held well/Black and in charge/Is a white man hell/Blaze Marzette/well/is the story Sopranos don’t tell” (hook)

The quiet Godfather/Detroit waters/murky and strong arms of lobster/overseas drafted/turned out killer/batteries charged/energize police force with live wire/star on the force/but not looking for headlines/he’s looking at margin lines/bottom lines/and fine clothing/living lavish/on heroine addicts/makes him a villian/children of a lesser God/with smooth moves/and crews/making news mood disorder/right hand man/deadly James Moody/the right arms/triggered enlightenment/and truce/catch 22s/miserable muse of justice/when it’s just us/dancing with anybody but just us/to the whooly touch of hair to brush/is this a court summons for more than just us/scar face couldn’t handle his fate/and Blaze’s grace/took Mississippi Red/to abyss/sinister control and greed/feeds ledgers and bankrolls/feeds a crew too/pledge allegiance to whom/took you to the ball/stand tall but wealth is about more options/ than join West Side 12 or East Side 7/letter of the law only applies to a few/snake eyes to the rest of you/two hundred deceased after a Malaysian secret released/putting out old business begets sickness/and when Blaze tries to make things right/he ends his partner’s life like Alpo and Rich Porter/back trunk El Dorado/Detroit Street vitals/pump skyline veins with timelines of councils and saints/when all that is left from drug millions/is court dates and story telling/double crosser/lucky fate/don’t be such a big talker. (End verse 2)

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