Taurus Followed Me Home (Continued) (2)

Pluto smacked his thumbs after a five dollar KFC box with rotten teeth to punctuate a rotten mouth. Nasty and so principled in his thoughts was Pluto that he dared call himself ethical. “You see, loud people are pretty easy to get while quiet people are impossible!”, Pluto mused. He wiped his greasy paws on his baby mama couch where he went from being a lazy boyfriend to a roommate with plasma money.

“See loud people will tell you I don’t like this and I don’t want that!”. “You will know if they like so and so, if they cheat, if they work out”, Pluto continued on the phone. “But quiet people have like a thousand different personalities, very rich and nuanced yet only one expression which is bemused, observational and retiring, exhausted by the moment with people when someone else can unravel their complex personality”. “It’s not that they are bad or good, it’s just that they do not want anyone to find out if they are bad or good”.

“So what happened when Taurus followed you home?”

Pluto paused and thought back to the moment that Taurus followed Pluto home from space to fight him in front of the neighbors.

(To be continued)

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