Melo Miles – Murder Row (Track 2 for “Detroit Street, Tent City Vol. 1 Mixed Tape)

Melo Miles – Murder Row

Chorus: 7 crime figures/empty heart triggers/murder row fixtures/from drivers to cold killers

Verse 1: Detroit family Italian Capos/cut throat/cut ties/and cut dope/can’t cope/making money off lost hopes/and so it goes/murder row/for hire crew/separate but not equal/it’s true/professional killers/Hawk and Doc Holiday/wheelers and dealers/Frank Usher Nitty was loyal driver for key Mob figures/money/power/respect/in the mirror/and pictures/big deal in the scissor hands/black market economy grabs/where fear is backed by blood shed/and Giacalone Brothers spread dread/new money earners/valued for huge street numbers/big racket/in back pocket packets/dating starlit actresses/and track star/talented tax dodgers/social order took out by heroin cyclone/drop out/killers with chompers/and choppers/james bond with a natural/taking more risks with no actuals/paradise hotel haunted by angel of mercy/slide so low/solo/low profiles/row boats in Hades/with dreams of money trees/paws on welcome mat/wallstreet hawk/is not at/ home with the law.

Verse 2: Motown malice/so torn with calloused/hands hit for hire crew/1970s feuds/flew away in a coupe/hey day/make news/work day holidays/ushers of chaos/soliloquy key principles/of beat moved/heat and heroin in the streets/great lakes to Pacific Beach/angel of death reach/what is respected by killers is killing/notches up the rankings/no humans involved they reason/but for a few/sometimes it’s gossip/but money is gospel/zany twilight zone Zenith TV no color/thoughts alone in motel/penthouse to tent on skid row/got strung out on drink and dope/sad as it is/some tickets out of poverty/put most behind bars/6 feet deep/with family fighting for scraps/with scars/cars that turn on with a whisper and prayer/for those on the front row/it’s that animal planet that gots the lion on death’s door/and Hades is that in-between space/can’t buy your way into heaven/and it’s that tension that turned a humble driver to boss man/all time hitters/line up of sluggers/big lumber/murder row.

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