Melo Miles – Chamber Brothers (Track 3 from “Detroit Street, Tent City Vol. 1”)

Melo Miles – Chamber Brothers

Verse 1: These times spring and they bring falls/don’t answer crack calls/ too legit for the balls/ice King demolished them all/small town dreamer/to 8 figures/true believers/the Chamber brothers/threw out millions unchained/melodies to obtain/threw out millions to a bum’s fever/the poor only know Desperation and search and seizures/one day free base turned legit digits triple Beams assistance/beam up scotty/ crawling with the kneelers/Nino Brown with his heater/are the way to new speakers/alpine albino/pure white/Betty crocker kite/turn prom queen to dope fiend/with lipstick on the dealer/slick four door and four wheeler/500 crack houses to new whips and more leisure/Maryanna found her thirsting and howling when/will it all end/Chamber brothers/four siblings with one explanation/getting rich is the best occupation.

Chorus: “Detroit! From City Beautiful/to murder capital/Capital cracks/Damn crack/turn the 80s whack/turn big auto industry to new jack/city/Detroit/beautiful”

Verse 2: Inexperienced/is the tool for lost innocence/but since Larry was a youngster he knew hunger was a monster/but low and behold the gun is like thunder/turn your enemy to a runner/and first crack commandment should be “thou shall not hunger”/dope fiend pay up for a dope man’s dream ride/seems like the tide has turned on auto industry/6 cars in the driveway of a greedy 80s baby/burned pensions/no president dead from dealing drugs on the corner/but policy makes plugs in Nicaragua/high rollers/tiny ballerina turned out/like flat soda/picked up pipe and sucked swipes for stripes/and baking soda/strawberry light lip stick hype/the other turning to enemy’s stereotype/take flight/so big time/turn a country boy so fine/turnt tent city to a nine to five/east grand Boulevard time/was the house of cards/that turned new jack city to stars and race cars/these days everybody want to get high!/to the sky/multi-millon dollar businesses/reduced to nothingness.

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