Shot Caller

Who is that creeping out window/spokes aluminum/record platinum/husky and chuckle like me/got knocked out by a cop/stopped for having a buckle like me/such is life for a knucklehead like me/they ask if I got rocks in my head/not really/diamonds instead/jewels on my psyche/like tiara/diamonds in the back/mama/softest whispers from belle to beast/there goes helicopter/ alarm clock peep hell/never sleep on Elm Street/Well Ozzie’s diner she do tell/Telegraph Road poor/walk five buses to more/ buses and get them lunches/ordered around by the richest/this disrespectful/cop/spits on my watch/got frisked by the law/when you’re from the ghetto can’t pay lawyer/got to get my ride/pure/ready for shot caller/my backwards leader/big dandy/allure/Candy so delicious/so pure/ sweetheart missy/chickens in the back/sissy/slit your throat for coach purse/type of cheerleader/first born daddy angel charm/took more than twenty dollars to unleash lashes and heaters in arms/9 millimeters speakers karma/yell and hollar/no lipstick with blue collar/momma I don’t wanna be white collar/or blue collar/packing pistols with union job factory/worker with no kerotene/you can burn the city without fanning the flames/rapper off Century Boulevard/battling flames/crispy grains/it’s a shame lames/it wasn’t your card/and aye! Godfather/never let his driver take over/with black pitch dark there’s thirteen spirits high as fuck drinking liquor/the tape curses her/dad died with no hearse/ashes and the dirtiest shirt.

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