Melo Miles – Detroit Street, Tent City, Vol. 1 – Track 4 “Maserati Rick”

Melo Miles – Maserati Rick


1988 – date life/twenty something/turn white to rock/empty pocket to /Maserati Rick//Anything goes/when anything’s sold/millions in the bank for a real gangster/fast life flickers/up one minute/gone the next/win big then big Ed/put him in a 16 thousand dollar coffin/


Yell in the middle/dark riddle/doctor giggles/killer king hospital/Maserati Rick/ice pick/to futures/ladies man in pictures/always the fly guy/jewelry with the nice tie/the past is a die/cast high/dieing over corner money/when hit man/turned his guy/gun for hire/Boones was quick too doom/and get swooned by easy money/till he flipped script/say what/say which/switch, the butterfly doesn’t snitch/from ground to the sky/Maserati Rick stayed quiet lipped/got money for your daughter/spit game/like suga free go bubble gum pop/not happening/pricey mark assist/always the greediest of bunch/spitting from a straight jacket/wit/sunset strip/turned hip/loose in the booth/pleasure elixir/slick ways of Maserati Rick Carter/went from dead broke to alive with juice/money foot loose/make small business prosper/drug proceeds to launder/put in drug money/get out community/a pampered dog doesn’t make a great guard dog/dog day afternoon/only met by the moon/hiding into the night/flashy red sports car/with pots and pans for stars/like when Vegas didn’t have Knights/just rooks took by Mayer Lanskey/minding his business/to multi-million dollars with nice wife/nice car/Maserati Rick boxed ears/to mansion stairs/no real pay check since Cleaners/teenagers with street dreams but death jobs/minimum wage heart throbs with charge cards/draft orders for Haliburton stocks large.

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